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Switzerland's most beautiful regions - see them from an airship!

Come with us on a round trip over Lucerne, Bern, Basel, the lower Lake Zurich baisin or over Rapperswil

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Airship Flying

Airships and balloons have fascinated people since time immemorial. Graf Zeppelin certainly made a big contribution to this when his hovering giants undertook their long journeys through the oceans of the atmosphere.


Today we can offer you the chance to relive at least a little of this experience. Climb aboard our 41-meter long "flying silver cigar" and see the world from the bird's eye view.


We usually fly at a height between 150 and 300 metres above the ground. This gives you a good opportunity to recognise many of the details on the ground, and photograph or film them.



We shall always plan three 30-minute flights with 3 passengers. Wherever possible you should also take the time to look at the flights where you will not be on board. This way, you can see or film the take-off and landing from a different viewpoint. And of course, don't miss the glass of bubbly after the landing.


Since this is only available from us starting in May 2011, the departure locations will be, at least initially, limited to a few regions, mainly in central Switzerland and the cities of Bern and Lucerne.


With a group of nine people we can even follow a route over your village or homeland. In such case we shall make three flights of about 25-30 minutes each, and when we land between the trips we take the next group of three people. This gives you the further opportunity to experience the "ground view" of what you have just seen from the air.


When will you fly over your village, wave to your neighbours and enjoy the splendid view over your home country? An airship flight over the region where you live - an unforgettable beautiful experience!


Today's hot-air airships have of course very little in common with the Zeppelins of former years. Our airship is filled with hot air and operates on the same principle as the hot-air balloon. In addition, we have installed an engine at the rear, that has a 4-blade propeller to give thrust and enable us to land the airship at the same place where we started.

The Airship


Finally, a little thought: Just like hot-air balloons, airships are very dependent on the weather. For this reason, we can only make these flights when the weather is calm, without storms, with as little wind as possible and without thermal currents.


These conditions are found mostly in the early morning. That is also the time when the light is at its best for photography. This is the  time when it pays to get up early....


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