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Terms and Conditions

Gift Ticket / Tickets


1. If you do not fully agree with our terms, you have the right to cancel this order within seven working days.  Simply return all documents with a brief written statement. Otherwise, the purchaser of this order will accept these terms for himself and in the name of any passenger(s). The purchaser is responsible for ensuring any passenger(s) are notified of these terms and conditions.


2. The gift Ticket / ticket is only valid after full payment is received.


3. The ticket is valid from the date of issue for two years. During this time the passenger is free to make appointments online through our website or call our office at  
062 926 22 77 to book a seat.


4. The ticket is transferable to another person. This change must be made at least two working days before departure and must be reported in writing or by telephone.


Health conditions


5. Any physical limitations and health problems must be advised, at the latest, at the time of reservation.


6. We expect our passengers to help with unpacking and packing of the balloon. Should you not be able to do this, please advise us when making your reservation.


7. Passengers with heart, circulatory and pulmonary complaints consultations can only fly with the approval of his or her physician.


8. The Company must be advised immediately if a passenger is pregnant.


9. Passengers with joint and spine problems, osteoporosis or recent operations, fly at their own risk.


10. Ballooning requires a degree of sportiness. Passengers must be able to climb into a 1.20m high basket.


11. Your clothing should be suitable for the occasion. It should be sporty and comfortable, as if you were going on an easy walk. Closed shoes with flat heels are required. High waterproof shoes or boots are a great advantage on morning rides, as there is often dew still on the meadows.


Our Services


12. Professional organization and management of the balloon


13. A balloon ride in a hot-air balloon, and a trip of the duration as described on the ticket. If the flight time, due to security issues by the pilots, is less than the trip advertised, there is no entitlement to a refund of the fare. If the flight is taking longer because of no suitable landing area there will be no additional charge to the passengers.


14. A 24 hour online and telephone booking service with flight options from many regions in Switzerland.


15. Schedule changes are possible until 48 hours before the flight.

16. The crew return passengers to the original meeting point.


17. A valid ticket is fully transferable to another person. It is not possible to reimburse or refund the cost of the ticket.


18. During the validity of the ticket, passengers can freely choose regions and start dates.


General provisions


19. Balloon flights, because they are dependent on weather conditions, are often cancelled at the last-minute. Even when using latest aviation equipment and weather forecasts the pilot in charge will sometimes decide to cancel a flight for safety reasons. No compensation for time or any other item may be claimed because such flight is cancelled.


20. It is the responsibility of all passengers to make their own travel arrangements to meet the balloon crew at the appointed place. We are not able to offer a pick-up service from public transport or any other place.


21. Anyone accompanying the balloon passenger on the ground, must travel in their own vehicles.

22. Children and young persons under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult on the balloon flight.


23. If a passenger does not arrive on the agreed date or the agreed time, he forfeits his claim to the balloon ride.

24. Hot-air balloons and baskets have a limited space and weight capacity. Therefore, please do not take backpacks, large bags or containers on the balloon ride unless they are absolutely necessary.  Otherwise, the pilot may ask you to leave them behind in the runner-up vehicle. Due to the heat and lift limitations during the summer month (June - August) we can not fly persons with 100 kg and over on evening flights.


25. It is necessary to bring your tickets to the start, and hand them to the pilot. Without this, the reserved space is not secured.


26. Expired and invalid tickets cannot be redeemed.


27. The meeting place for the balloon flight is not necessarily the take off location. The pilot may move the take off at short notice, based on the current meteorological conditions. Passengers will be returned to the original meeting point at the end of the flight.


28. In the event of a cancellation because of weather conditions, the passenger has the option to reserve a new date, which must be within the scope of the validity of the ticket. If there are more than 6 postponed dates, due to weather conditions, within the validity of the ticket, the ticket will be automaticly extended by a further six months and free of charge.


29. Funk Ballooning GmbH reserves the right to hire another balloonist to complete a ride. The liability in this case will be with the carrier.