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The ballooning experience. What is involved ...

"Ballooning is an unforgettable experience"

Funks Ballonfahrten

We usually meet our passengers at sunrise or about three hours before sunset, when the winds are calmest, but we will confirm these times when you book your flight. The actual hot-air balloon ride lasts about 90 minutes, but the whole experience, from setting up the balloon to drinking champagne on landing and returning to the launch site, takes about four hours.


We meet you at the launch site where you can help us prepare the balloon for take-off if you wish. Setting up the balloon will take about 30 minutes. The balloon then gently lifts off the ground and slowly gains altitude while we drift over villages, farms and the surrounding countryside. You will have plenty of time to enjoy the views and take pictures. Be sure to bring spare batteries and film, because you will take double the amount of pictures than you thought.


Our retrieve crew follows the balloon and meets us upon landing, ready to pack away the balloon. We then celebrate with a traditional glas of champagne and present you with your personalized flight certificate signed by your pilot, before you are driven back to the launch site. 


We will take pictures during preparation, in flight and while packing up the balloon. These pictures are uploaded to our server and ready for you to look at, send as an E-card to your friends, or even download them for your personal needs.